Rethink your digital workplace.

Keywork Portal is a collaborative and smart space aimed at fully automating employee-related activities, such as submitting monthly timesheets, schedule vacations, manage company events, training, travels, submitting expenses, following company updates and much more.

portal dashboard

Connection & Communication

With a shared company dashboard your employees can have access to information, updates, news, training, events, and everything that is important for the life and culture of your organization.

  • Company news feed or blog integration (RSS Feed).
  • Intuitive interaction with hyperlinks.
  • Company quick updates.

Autonomy & Collaboration

Manage permissions and grant your employees with tools to easily submit, edit, withdraw, and resubmit timesheets, absences, vacations, and other processes. Managers can approve, reject, or partially approve for increased agility and collaboration.

Need more reasons why?

Flexibility, Agility and Adaptability to different business sectors, needs, objectives and clients.

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When managing a high amount of applicants and employee processes what’s better than having one place that organizes it all?

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