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Is my information secure? They are very sensitive data…

  1. Keywork is a software developed with all security. In the last test we did, our level of security is the same as Linkedin and Google. In addition, Keywork is a “Microsoft approved” product, the firewall and servers are theirs.
  2. Also within the company, Keywork ensures all data security and confidentiality. It centralizes all information in one place, has a controllable access system and if someone leaves the company can be prevented from taking the information / database.
  3. On the acquisition of Keywork, a confidentiality agreement is signed between Affinity and the client.

Trial Version

User-friendly, as everyone says…

True but Keywork is in fact very intuitive. We used it daily for +1 year and have already gone through the Affinity maybe about 50 people. All of them used Keywork without difficulty. We can also invite you to a free trial and you’ll see from your own experience.


How does the trial work?

You can try the product for 15 days / maximum 2 users per company at no cost. Just ask for a data transfer and Keywork authorization for use. The trial version is populated with data to better exemplify its operation.

Keywork Modules

I want the whole product and not just the CORE Modules. We’ll talk again when you have everything ready to sell.

In CORE Modules you have the essence. It is with these Modules that you make the leap.

On the other hand, we recommend the phasing. We say this from experience! You do not want to buy a Ferrari when you don’t have a team to drive it. Keywork is very easy and intuitive but it implies a change in routines and, above all, in the mentalities. You should start with CORE, which is dedicated to solving day-to-day problems and then making the leap to ADD-ON’s.



Can I buy only a few modules?

You can adapt the product to your needs however the modules have interdependencies. You can buy the following combinations:

Module 1 – Sourcing and screening

Module 1+2 – Sourcing and screening + Job Opening Management

Module 1+2+3 – Sourcing and screening + Job Opening Management + Staffing

Module 1+2+3+4 – Sourcing and screening + Job Opening Management + Staffing + Analytics

Module 1 + 4 – Sourcing and screening + Analytics

Module 2 + 4 – Job Opening Management + Analytics


After purchasing the steps to take and how long until you start using Keywork?

Considering just the Keywork, it takes roughly one to two weeks to get it up and running and onboarding the team.

What about data migration?

It is a project marketed separately not included in the proposed contract. Dependent on an evaluation of duration and cost by the development team.

How will the upgrade/product versions work? When will they be foreseeable and what can they cost?

The expectation is one release a year and will have no cost. The upgrades are automatic and made through the Continuous Integration platform and the client is notified through the communication of changes.


What training solutions do you have? Hours/Costs?

We do not have training but an onboarding session for the new keyworkers. It is part of the product acquisition package. This session includes 16 hours at the location defined by the Client and for one element representing each department. Training in other ways is analyzed case by case and budgeted separately.

What support solutions do they have? Hours/Costs?

Purchasing the SaaS license includes support for bug-fixing and version updates.


Is it possible to make customizations?

Not in Keywork.

If you want us to create something specific, we can do it but this is something totally different from the level of time and investment. Keywork can serve as a starting point but it becomes a project.

Legal Issues

It is a very recent product. And if in a year or so you end it or go bankrupt, what guarantees do I have?

We are very far from it anyway our business will be the subject of a contract that leaves written in safeguarded by both parties. At any time, the customer may desist from using the service and request a backup of the existing data. (Sale for a minimum period of 12 months, giving up before this period implies the payment of 12 months).


Does Keywork already meet all the requirements of the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

This new EU directive is running since May 2018. It is very briefly aimed at protecting the privacy of data. In any software or platform there is already an obligation to ensure and protect data protection. Keywork is now in compliance with the legislation in force and will adapt to the new GDPR.

Currently, the Keywork users are asked to accept the privacy policy.


How much does Keywork cost?

The minimum users are 3 for a minimum period of 12 months.


Can payment be made per month?

The payment is annual and is made at the time of set up.

It is possible to agree on a payment but for amounts above €10,000.

Please check pricing details here

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