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keywork-agility crisis

The world is going through an unprecedented moment that has come to change and undermine business and company’s processes at a global scale, forcing a sudden change in the way of working. Affinity was no exception having decided to embrace a full remote work policy in a fast and agile way, even before this obligation was decreed by the Portuguese Government.

Truth is Affinity employees are acquainted with remote work, given to the company’s permission to work from home once a month. With the great technological capacity that Affinity has, it is possible to undertake this way of working with all efficiency. Still, it can be a big challenge when it is permanent and absolute, as it interferes with the normal corporate dynamics of the company, such as meetings, events, training and the healthy frequent interpersonal interaction between people.

At the heart of our ease of adjustment to remote work is Keywork, the high-performance platform developed by Affinity that allows agile management of human resources. Supported by the strength and competence of the company’s professionals, Keywork enables the efficiency of human resource hiring and management processes, simplifying communication between teams, thus becoming a key work tool for the smooth functioning of projects and the business.

On the other hand, the Affinity philosophy remains firm and sustained, fostering a culture of proximity, interaction and respect. Values that we believe to be extremely important in solving problems, adapting to new management methods and ensuring teamwork and cooperation between individuals even in remote mode.