The essence of the outstanding Keywork tool lies in the business management, talent management and staffing platform combined with business intelligence – disruptive, as a new product category should be.

ESM Keywork is a responsive time-saver platform – with a unique algorithm – that turns you more attractive to applicants and increases productivity. Intuitive usage, easy to evaluate suggestions, supportive tools, time-saving processes, money-saving investments and happy people are what every business aims to keep healthy.


Your daily work gets easier and more effective. The consequences are clear – your business boosts!


The core tools are designed to solve the day-to-day work (business support).


Scalability is the ability of something to adapt over time to changes. This is the inner nature of Keywork – it grows as your company does.


The core features are in intensive daily use and have more than a year of testing. Some are on customer testing process.

Need more reasons why?

If you treat candidates as customers, it causes a shift and fine-tunes the whole process. Recruiting is an activity with inputs and outputs and a lot of action in between, so it should be easier.


Hiring depends on human feelings, recruiters can empathise or not – but it should happen after a matching suggestion by the system. This means that, after the rational inputs recruiting processes they can rely on emotional substances – the ones we all are made of.

Sourcing & Screening

One single database of candidates integrated and secure, easy to qualify, filter and share.

  • Gather and manage applicants from different sources (company site, job portals, social media platforms or personal recommendations)
  • Search, find similar, highlight candidates and save and share favourites.
  • Filtering candidates by skills is just a few clicks away
  • Import CVs and create e-profiles
  • Schedule and manage your interviews
  • Keep track of all interactions

Job Opening

Register and manage all business opportunities. Merge your candidates’ pool with customer needs and improve the response time.

  • Overview the process timeline
  • Get automatic matches by the system
  • Increase collaboration between team members, assigning responsibilities
  • Be notified of any important changes
  • Keep track of interactions with candidates and customers


Reduce paperwork in the hiring process and facilitate your employees’ career management.

  • Ensure the right onboard to new employees
  • Manage salary packages
  • Keep track of employees’ career history
  • Manage leaves
  • Keep track of project and rate history


Support your decisions with the right reports and KPI’s on a daily basis.

  • Get an overview on how your organisation is performing and be able to manage every aspect of it.


Custom view of all your business to release time from daily tasks to strategy and innovation.

  • Monitor and control all the movements
  • Define accurately your company strategy, planning and following your own route
  • Feel the power of overall knowledge

Candidate Portal

Provides a secure location where candidates can apply their CV’s to specific jobs.

  • 100% GDPR Compliance guaranteed
  • Create your own Career Page in 30 Seconds
  • Post all your job openings in real time
  • Allow candidates to manage their own e-profiles and sharing relevant News & Information