Keywork Referral Program

Our Keywork Referral Program is a program through which, we invite you to share your references with us and, in case they sign up for Keywork we’ll offer you 10% of the agreed first year’s subscription rate.


How does it work?

You just need to share with us your reference’s name, company and contact details so we can get in touch and take it from there! We’d love to answer all their questions and offer a free demo! As of for you, as soon as they subscribe, the bonus is yours. We will get in contact as soon as the contracted is settled, to let you know about the good news and so you can choose how would you like to receive your prize *.

Do you know that friend that keeps on complaining about the software the’re using to manage HR? Did you just left a company where all processes you now easily perform with Keywork were a huge headache? Do you think your ex-colleague or manager would like to know about Keywork?
That’s what we are talking about!

* The prize is payed 3 months after the contract is signed. If you are an Affinity employee it will be payed with your company salary. If you are a Portuguese resident the prize will be given though an El Corte Ingles or SONAE voucher as per your choice. If you are not a Portuguese resident it will be given to you in an equivalent voucher according to your country of residency.

Don’t hesitate to reach us should we be of any assistance to you:

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