Player Portal

The Player Portal is aimed to solve a major issue of modern companies related to the lack of automation in employee-related activities, such as submitting monthly timesheets, schedule vacations, manage company events, training and travels, submitting expenses and so on.

Player Portal

Manage every player’s processes in one place.
Agile for the player, Efficient for the manager.

  • Intuitive and attractive navigation for all users.
  • Provide employees with key overviews of company updates.
  • Create projects and link employees to projects.

  • Define hierarchy levels for approving processes.
  • Employees can manage and record their work, vacations, and absences.
  • Managers can approve, reject, or partially approve employee’s submissions.



With an initial Dashboard, your company can share with the employees a quick overview of subjects or updates that are relevant to its business or sector (news, articles, quick insights amongst others).

  • Company news feed or blog integration (RSS Feed).

  • Company quick updates.

  • Intuitive interaction with hyperlinks.



A Timesheet is a collection of an employee worklogs. It is used to register work hours, training, travels, and so on. The Portal allows employees to fill out and submit their Timesheets and responsible managers to approve, reject, or partially approve them.

  • Employees can submit, edit, withdraw, and resubmit timesheets.

  • Manager can approve, reject, or partially approve timesheets.

  • Possibility to create/add Worklogs to Timesheet.


& Leaves

Through the Portal, employees can register their vacations and notify absences. Managers can directly approve or reject vacations and absences and keep track of who is out of the office in their team.

  • Employees can submit, edit, and resubmit their vacations calendar and notify their absences.
  • Manager can approve or reject vacations and absences.
  • Manager can track when Employees are out of office.
  • Email and Portal notifications.

Next features


Company trainings & certifications management


Company Events overview & management


Employee Travel Management


Expenses Submission & management

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