About our Team

We were born into an award-winning consulting firm, specialised in technologies and information systems. In a team that always seeks innovation, it sounded natural to share Keywork with the world.

From an idea to a final product.

After years of searching for the perfect software to manage talent sourcing and outsourcing we created our own. Keywork ensures the agility, focus and dynamic processes we needed and couldn’t find in any other platform.

No-fear teams to achieve goals.

With a multidisciplinary team of Business, Human Resources, Software Development and Marketing professionals our platform is continuously updated and improved based on specialised know-how, customer’s needs and market trends.

A team of fearless experts.

CEO Affinity – CarlosP.C

Carlos Correia

Partner & CEO

Miguel Marques

Chief Technologies Officer

Cesar Laforet

DevOps & Cloud Admin

Ana Baptista

Keywork Specialist

Our Keywork leaders are backed up by a team of excellent professionals with deep technological know-how that ensure our sustained software maintenance, development and improvement.

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